Helyx is a digital media and information systems specialist with a varied skillset, including digital asset management, database architecture, and media production. Helyx has a unique combination of practical production experience and instructional abilities alongside administrative and academic credentials.

Helyx began producing, editing, and directing video projects as a teenager.  Since then they have worked on documentaries, non-fiction and experimental narratives, multi-channel video installation, archival video presentations, and oral history video production. Their video art is built by, about, and for televisions and computers. Video production became the onramp to information science and digital asset management. Helyx is fascinated by the ways in which we organize and process our information-saturated world.

Helyx holds a Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College and a Masters of Science in Information from Drexel University with a dual major in Library and Information Science and Digital Content Management. 

Helyx is currently the Interim Director of the People’s Media Record.  Previously they were the Information Systems and Technology Manager at the Movement Alliance Project.  Helyx has been a lifeguard, delivered pizza, edited wedding videos, and taught media production skills to people of all ages.