For over 15 years Helyx has been teaching young people and adults, in out-of-school environments focused on a variety of media production and social justice issues. Based on the fundamental principle that media production is a way to understand the media-saturated world around us they have worked with everyone from elementary school children to senior citizens. They have developed and implemented curricula for video production, community history, stop-motion animation, trans rights, and socially conscious narrative strategy. Helyx has taught students at/for Video Vanguards, Mt Airy Homeschool Coop, Scribe Video Center, PhillyCAM, Movement Alliance Project, The Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, and the Transgender Oral History Project.

Presenting a workshop for the Trans Oral History Project at the Allied Media Conference, 2013

In 2013-2015 Helyx worked alongside members of the Trans Oral History Project to develop the I Live for Trans Education Toolkit, available here: I Live for Trans Education